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How Can I Be A Feminist And Still Like Porn?

We are living at an age whereby sex touches on every aspect of our lives. Even so, many still consider sex a taboo subject. Very few people can openly talk about their sexual lives, leave alone admit that they watch porn. For years, it has been argued that the porn industry disregards the female sexual desire besides objectifying women.

Feminists argue that porn considers women a plaything rather than equals to men as far as sexual desire and satisfaction are concerned. The main question that abounds is, how can one be a feminist and still like porn?

Does Porn Objectify Women?


Some of the porn content that you will stumble upon on sites such as PornTrex may seem to have total disregard for women. Feminists who have watched porn at some point will admit that whenever they logged into a particular website, they found themselves narrowing down their search to subjects such as submission.

They further admit that even though they were initially apprehensive, they were surprised by the facts that videos that should have horrified them excited them. They ended up getting overcome with guilt upon realizing that whatever they opposed was the same thing that turned them on.

Despite the arguments of pseudo-feminists, porn isn’t about misogynism, force, violence, or humiliation towards women. Not every porn video that you will find on Tnaflix or any other site has instances of women being spoken down to, mistreated, or restrained.

Feminists Relish Watching Male-Oriented Porn

The fact that some women who consider themselves feminists watch porn get turned on shows that they relish it. Often, they only get swamped with guilt upon realizing that there is a mismatch between what they stand for in real life and what happens on videos.

Porn is within the realm of acting and involves role-playing. Watching male-oriented porn that depicts female submission doesn’t make one a worse feminist. Once this is understood, the so-called feminists will understand why they enjoyed watching porn in the first place.

Watching a porn video is no different from watching a movie. Feminist-oriented thinkers may feel disgusting just the same way that we all feel whenever we watch movies that we don’t like. Nonetheless, we often find ourselves immersed in the action, wanting to see how it will all end.


You can still be a feminist and like porn. Not all porn content depicts female submission and other related themes that many have come to associate with porn. What we watch on porn sites is often scripted. Rather than dismissing porn altogether, feminists should explore categories such as soft core porn, which are in agreement with the ideals that they stand for.

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