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Based on the recent findings, it is evident that women are stronger than men. This is, however, not easy to tell until you walk with her through a difficult situation. Here are some of the reasons why women are stronger:

  • Women have a longer lifespan than men

    : A woman’s life expectancy is 80.1 years whereas a man will only live for an average of 74.8 years. Considering this finding, women are stronger.

  • Women’s capability to survive: if you subject a man and a woman to the same difficult situation, the woman will have higher chances of survival than the man. The man may give us easily but the woman will hold on until help arrives or the situation changes.
  • Women have lesser muscle mass: since a woman has lesser mass, she will be able to stay for a longer period without food. She will use the fat storage in her body to survive the hunger and starvation. A man has a bigger muscle mass and when he is subjected to hunger, he will not survive for long as he requires more calories to sustain the muscles.
  • A woman has a stronger immune system: the ability of a woman to survive an infection is higher compared to a man when subjected to a similar situation. She may get the infection but she will overcome it no matter how long it takes.
  • High IQ level: a woman’s brain has the ability to pull information from diverse sources together, and then come to a logical conclusion. Reports have also shown that a company led by a woman will do better than a company led by a man.

Though a man is stronger physically and can undertake a task that a woman will find it hard to handle, he is weak in many ways. A woman, on the other hand, is weaker physically but when she is able to unleash her inner strength, she will be stronger than the man.

 It is until you understand what a woman goes through that you will understand how strong she is. What will easily break a man will leave the woman stronger and more determined.