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Despite the huge gender pay gap that exists and the fact that statistics prove that this is true, a lot of people still doubt if this is true. Here is an argument to support this claim

A woman will take unpaid leave to have children

Though no woman wants to leave her job and go for unpaid leave to have a child, they haveno choice in the matter. This means that she will stay for some time without pay until she is able to resume her duties.

A man will never go for an unpaid leave even when his wife gives birth. He will only go for a leave if he will be paid. For the duration that the woman will stay at home, the man will continue earning.

A man can work harder and for longer

Men do not have responsibilities that will stop them from working for more shifts and earn more. A woman will only be able to work part-time so that she can rush home to take care of her children. This will make the man earn more than the woman.

A man is more educated

This is untrue! According to the recent reports, women are getting degrees than the men. Despite all this, statistics show that for every $1 a man earns, a woman will earn $0.80. There is no explanation for this which is very unfair.

Low negotiating power

It is not common for a woman to negotiate a job offer and even when she                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               does; it is likely that her request will be granted. For a man, however, when he asks for a pay rise, it will be taken as his right.

Men’s careers attract a higher pay

There is a trend that indicates that when more women undertake certain tasks, the pay will get lower. The job will not be as valuable as it was when it was exclusively for men. Employers should be ready to treat men and women alike as both have almost equal abilities.