Top 6 Explainer Video Marketing Practices To Adopt This Year

Top 6 Explainer Video Marketing Practices To Adopt This YearStatically, 51% of marketers converge to the idea that video content offers the best return on investment. Many business owners and marketers dream of creating explainer videos, promoting them to millions of prospective customers, and in turn, get a ton of views, likes, shares, comments and eventually subscribers. Video marketing is the surefire way to do that. It’s a proven and potent technique to nurture and build relationships and brand recognition with potential customers. So if you haven’t deployed explainer videos in your marketing strategy, this is the right time to do so. To set you on that path, below are explainer videos marketing strategies to adopt this year.

Draw up an ambitious plan prior to recording your explainer videos

Production of an explainer video is not just about sitting in the chair and recording a voiceover. You must have a precise message upfront that you intend to deliver. Write the message down on paper, in bullet points if you can and plaster them on the wall if necessary. Take the time to practice it until you are able to say it by heart. Don’t start reading when recording. Viewers will know when something is not natural and they might disconnect.

Grab viewers’ attention with product explainer videos quickly

I bet you know the importance of a headline to any article. It’s the key to motivating visitors to slide down into the content. The same headline concept applies to explainer videos. Your introduction must have a hook. It must grab viewers’ attention if you want them to watch the video to the very end. Scientifically, the attention span of viewers is just 10 minutes, which means you have limited time to grab their attention. So you must implement powerful hook strategies in your introduction to grab their attention quickly.

Your explainer videos should not be sales oriented

If you create explainer videos that focus on selling rather than giving, you might not succeed. Share value first before you sell.

Your explainer videos should tell a story

Everyone likes stories. So if your explainer videos can tell an interesting brand story, they will pop

Your explainer videos should include call to action

Make sure to include a call to action at the end of your explainer videos. Call to action may include asking viewers to buy, like, share or subscribe.

Optimize your explainer videos for search engines

One of the goals of making explainer videos is to help your website rank high on search engines. This is only possible if your videos can appear on top of search results. So, ensure your video title, tags and descriptions have the required keywords.