Why Pitching Your Products and Services Using Explainer Videos Can Significantly Increase Your Conversions

Why Pitching Your Products and Services Using Explainer Videos Can Significantly Increase Your Conversions

Accustomed entrepreneurs and marketers agree that a video can do wonders for your brand in this day and age. People are increasingly drifting towards visual content when searching for products and services. That’s means a website dominated by text may not cut it. This explains why most websites you visit today include an image on top of the article or post, followed by a few other images sprinkled in the body. They also include explainer videos on the landing page that explains to the visitors about the products or services on offer. So why is an explainer video so potent in marketing your products and services?

a)Explainer videos evoke emotions

Today, the internet is littered with videos, and only a small percentage accomplishes their intended purpose. When a video is made the right way, it can evoke emotion and stick in the minds of viewers for a long time. Therefore you must always endeavor to make explainer videos that are worth remembering. How can you make sure that your video evokes emotion? You can do this by offering something that impacts your audience in one way or another. And the good thing about video is that you can manipulate viewers into doing what you want them to.

b)Explainer videos can lead to greater brand exposure

Not many people can read through a 1000 word blog post to the very end. But anybody can watch a 50 to 60-second video to the very end. And if people can watch your videos to the very end, it means they might like it, share it and comment on it if they find it impactful. An impactful video has an awesome script, great background and a whole lot of creativity. If you include these in your explainer videos, your brand will get the kind of exposure you’ve been yearning for.

c)It’s human psychology to naturally love explainer videos

You can relate this to your childhood when you used to get glued to the screen watching cartoons and animations. You were more attracted to them than your comic books or any other books. This is because cartoons are audiovisuals, which means you have to concentrate more than when reading books. Books don’t move like cartoons, so they are less intriguing. That’s why humans psychologically like videos than texts.


These reasons should motivate you into including video in your marketing strategy. While text still predominates as the major form of content on websites, including an explainer video on your landing page and at least two videos on the post can help you grow your brand quickly.