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How Much Do Animated Explainer Videos Cost to Create


Wondering how much exactly do animated explainer videos cost to create? Read this article and find out all the information you need!

You probably have heard about explainer videos and their incredible effect, isn’t that so? They’re those short, fun, online videos that a lot of businesses are utilizing on their sites nowadays. They’re commonly 60-90 seconds long and they present and market a business, brand, product or service. Even though they come in different forms, the most popular form is without a doubt “animated explainer videos”.

When it comes to animated explainer videos and its price, there is a lot of confusion. According to experts, an explainer video can cost from $350 to $35.000. So, if you are wondering how much exactly do animated explainer videos cost to create, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss animated explainer video production and help you determine the price of your video.

You get what you pay for. If you want people to watch your video, enjoy while watching it, and react to it, you need to create a video that is worth watching. Take a look at successful explainer videos and you will realize that investing in the quality of your video is really important. That is why if you working with a professional and reputable video producing company, you can expect to spend from $5,000 – $10,000 per minute.

Behind every animated explainer video is the diligent work of a capable, dynamic group of inventive experts including illustrators, scriptwriters, animators, designers, sound designers, voice talents, and etc. and the sky is the limit from there. Every maker’s procedure may contrast a bit, yet I’ll attempt to give an unmistakable general comprehension of how the procedure functions.





  • Process – Expect the whole procedure from employing to completed video to last somewhere in the range of 4-8 weeks. This is considered to be an optimal time for the producer to get through the design, writing, and revisions properly.
  • Research and Kickoff – The maker dives profound into your business image and your objectives. You usually meet to determine a direction for your new video and plan your production.
  • Script Writing – You need to have a killer script if you want to accomplish all of your business goals and engage with your viewers. If your script is not good, you can’t expect results.
  • Storyboards – Once the script is written, the artists start creating a storyboard.
  • Voiceover – Based on the branding information and the script, the voice artist will record a read-through of your script. Audio quality is really really important, so make sure you are working with a professional voice artist.


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  • Design and Animation – Once the voiceover is recorded, it is time to design the framers of the video.
  • Sound design – A professional and experienced sound designer will ensure the sound tells as much about you as the rest of your explainer video. A custom music will be added to fit the content and the overall design of the video.
  • Editing – This is the final phase of the process. The editor will review the scenes and mix them up. He will deliver your new explainer video in an applicable format.

If you want to get a high-quality animated explainer video, we highly suggest you work with a reliable video production company. There is a reason why they charge a higher price for the videos they make. When you are working with such company, you aren’t simply investing in a high-quality video, you are paying for an effective and proven process.